OpenStack Juno Summit Talk Proposals

Getting Started

Working with Security Groups

So You Want to Be an OpenStack Contributor?

Tempest out of the gate: live cloud testing.

Introducing the OpenStack.NET SDK

A Panel: What's so badass about DBaaS?

Unified Guest Agent for OpenStack

Step by step, how to become an OpenStack contributor on Windows

Optimizing hardware for OpenStack Object Storage

Architecture Review of

Selecting the Right OpenStack Deployment for what the customer is looking for.

Building the right infrastructure for your OpenStack workloads

Customizing Horizon without breaking on upgrades

Tempest: Integrated OpenStack Testing

Introduction to OpenStack Orchestration

A Bottom-Up Approach to Getting Started with OpenStack

The Massively Scalable Mini Cloud

OpenStack Training - Community Created and Delivered Training for OpenStack

Tempest Scenario Tests: An Introduction for Testing your OpenStack Cloud

Swift 101: Technology & Architecture for Beginners

State of Localization and Internationalization in OpenStack

The state of OpenStack Data Processing: Savanna, now and in Juno

Vagrant Up Your Rackspace Private Cloud

How I learned to love using Ruby with OpenStack

Planning Your OpenStack Cloud Project

Your First Real OpenStack Deployment

Make it happen, become a stacker in 5 steps.

Why OpenStack is ready for Large Companies ?

Getting Started with OpenStack Compute: Architectural Overview


Inventory Automation with OpenManifest

OpenStack Deployment Compliance: Data Center Transformation

Openstack Infrastructure containerization for the Enterprise

Exploring Fibre Channel Storage for Private Cloud at Time Warner Cable

Introduction to OpenStack Trove: A Multi-database Deployment with MongoDB and MySQL

Applying ITSM to OpenStack Deployments

OpenStack Distributions: Do We Really Need Them?

SAS® In-Memory Analytics on OpenStack

Keeping your cloud DRY: validating openstack functional correctness through development and CI/CD

Case Study: Georgia Tech – University private cloud, incl. research

Source Based Packaging: The Missing Ingredient of Continuous Delivery?

Academic Inter-cloud Architecture at National Institute of Informatics

Chef for OpenStack Overview and Roadmap

Ready for OpenStack? What to Do When You Are and They're Not

Lets talk about OpenStack Scalability

Performance Matters, a check list to a good OpenStack setup

HA Database for OpenStack with MySQL

OpenStack Performance Testing and Tuning

Understanding Process Flows in OpenStack for Troubleshooting

OpenStack Disaster Recovery: A good plan for a bad day

Deploying OpenStack in the Enterprise

Integrating OpenStack with Active Directory (because AD != LDAP)

Leveraging VMware Technology To Build an Enterprise Grade Openstack Cloud - It's Not Always About KVM!

Pacemaker, HAproxy, keepalived, oh my! Comp(et|in)ing Approaches for OpenStack High Availability

Building OpenStack clouds using Razor and Puppet

Cinder on Ceph War Stories

OpenStack Monitoring with Ceilometer

Continuous integration from design to production of highly distributed applications using Docker, Openstack and TOSCA

Private Clouds with Microservers and OpenStack

Repeatable Systems and Networking Reconfiguration on Production Cluster – Experience of Building Multiple Clouds on Same Data Center Resource Pool

Openstack Log collector

Continuous Delivery: From DevOps to Customer Deployments:

From Infrastructure to Proactive DevOps

Storage Visibility and Optimization for Openstack

How to Avoid Picking Problems that OpenStack Can't Solve

Scaling Neutron for large deployments

Journey into the Cloud

Running OpenStack at Scale: It really is hard work

Cloud Infrastructure Lifecycle at eBay

Is OpenStack ready for adoption in the Enterprise?

How to deploy 200 nodes in less than 1200 seconds and live to talk about it

Real-time Predictive Analytics and Visualization for Openstack Operations

TripleO Lives! - The first real OpenStack on OpenStack

Performance of Hadoop on OpenStack

Configuring Live Migrations for Workload Transitions

CMS: A CMDB for Openstack

Rally - Benchmarking OpenStack at Scale Using Your Own Hardware

Deploying A Self-Contained OpenStack Cloud using Puppet and Razor

Practical Docker for OpenStack

OpenStack in Production: Use Cases and Reference Architectures

Training your cluster to take care of itself and let you eat dinner in peace

Growing more than data: Best practices for expanding OpenStack Swift

Using SaltStack for event-driven orchestration of OpenStack infrastructure components

Reducing Deployment Time of Public Cloud capacity using Ansible Playbooks

L3 Agent HA Strategies and Implementations

Authentication options for Enterprises in OpenStack Object Storage

OpenStack on White Box Hardware

Deploying and Managing an SDN and NFV enable OpenStack datacenter ecosystem – A Practical Guide

Load Balancing approaches and best practices for OpenStack Swift

Step One, Launch OpenStack; Step Zero, Pick Your Hardware

Deep Dive into Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC)

Mind the Gap: Operations to enable OpenStack in Production

Scalable Monitoring as a Service for Operations and Customers

Disaster Recovery Architectures for your OpenStack Cloud

Optimizing Resource Pools

Deploying OpenStack in secure regulatory compliant environments.

Learning to Scale OpenStack: An Update from the Rackspace Public Cloud

Fail-injection testing of OpenStack

Best Practices of Operating a Production-Ready OpenStack Deployment on TH-2 Supercomputer

Fault Injection Strategies to Improve Openstack Operations

Lessons Learned with Deploying OpenStack Cinder with NetApp at eBay

Large scale VDI based on OpenStack

Is OpenStack ready for enterprise? Evaluation OpenStack performance with a quantitative approach

Approximating Nova-Network Multi-Host in Neutron

Year 3 - OpenStack in a large scale Enterprise

Use OpenStack to Support Teaching A Big Data Course

Data-driven, Iterative Cloud Architecture

Application deployment and auto-scaling on OpenShift using Heat

Tinker: A Tool to Manage Network Configuration at Cloud Scale

Politics vs. Engineering Balance in Services Migration and Integration

Deploying OpenStack in a Multi-Hypervisor Enterprise Environment

Implementation and Lessons learned from building a large scale cloud (Massachusetts Open Cloud/MOC)

Network Visibility for Efficient Openstack Operations

Taming OpenStack with Ansible

Neutron NameSpaces and IPtables - Icehouse Update

The state of OpenStack integration with Puppet

Using Cloud Management Platform to tie Incident, Change, Configuration and Catalog Management to OpenStack

Scaling OpenStack Clouds using Simulation and Cartridges

Going Cloud: Getting Your Organization to Think Differently

Deploying and Developing OpenStack Savanna base on the DevStack

Voice of the User: Running OpenStack in Production

Monitoring Open Stack Deployment ---- Non traditional approach

Saved By the Bell: Alerting, logging and monitoring OpenStack with open source tools.

iSCSI Performance Testing & Tuning

OpenStack Barriers to Enterprise Adoption

Running a large OpenStack infrastructure at IBM (lessons learned, monitoring, architecture, etc)

Deploying Marconi for Production

Congress: a system for declaring, auditing, and enforcing policy in heterogeneous cloud environments

Case Study: Low cost private cloud for HPC cancer research

Extending the Fuel Project to Accelerate and Simplify Deployment of OpenStack Drivers and Components

Best Practices for Operating OpenStack Using Chef

How we failed transitioning our Engineers to Developers, and how that turned into an EPIC Win

Massive Scale OpenStack with Brokerless Oslo.Messaging

A practical approach to deploying a highly available and optimally performing OpenStack

Lessons learned in real-world OpenStack deployments

Experiences of Openstack Deployment in a Telco Environment

UCS and Openstack - The Integration

OpenStack :: Where Continuous Delivery and Distros Collide

Python OpenStack Clients for cloud administrators

Openstack Log Management and Mining

Close the Service Provisioning Loop with Big Data for the Infrastructure

Hasso Plattner Institut: Managing Diverse Demanding Workloads with OpenStack

2014 Spring User Survey Results and Feedback

Hasso Plattner Institut: Creating Multi-Tier Workloads on an OpenStack-based cloud

Develop and test on dynamic OpenStack clusters

Gathering feedback from the Ceilometer users

Installing OpenStack using SaltStack

Lessons Learned in Managing Keystone with Active Directory

Using Continuous Integration with an Open Source Code Base for Large-Scale Infrastructure Deployments

Running HA Openstack Trove

Deploying Redhat Openstack on UCS - Proposed Deployment Architecture

Mercadolibre and Galera Cluster case study: building highly available, scalable OpenStack platform

Community Building

We Need You! Building a Better Cloud Community One Voice At a Time

Scenario Testing In Tempest - Going Forward

From Infrastructure Administrator To Cloud Architect

What Does It Take To Fix It When It Breaks?

Why OpenStack must be Free Software ?

How to Build OpenStack Docs and Contributors through Community

The importance of mentoring in the open source community

Coordination and leadership challenges in producing OpenStack

How do you agile your global team to contribute to OpenStack

Herding Cats: the Zen of Open-Source Leadership

Official OpenStack User Groups

Hackathon Syllabus

Building a Contribution Culture @Cloudwatt

Product Development in the Open

Supporting Network Scalability with Resource Allocation: Hadron API Design Principles

Openstack converged deployment utility for helping newbies

Your OpenStack DevOps Team: Encouraging Innovation with Open Source Development

enhancing tests for blueprints

You Sir, Sir Vey

Evolving Community Metrics in Juno

Community Comparison: How does the kernel stack up against OpenStack

Contributing back as an Operator

Building a Community QA cluster for OpenStack Swift

Developers and OpenStack: Should they care?

Building an OpenStack Community in your neighborhood

Pushing OpenStack Meetups into the Cloud: It’s as Inevitable as OpenStack

It is all about the ecosystem: building a community beyond the development

OpenStack University Courses

Designing the OpenStack User Experience

QE's role in the community

Confessions of an OpenStack Evangelist

Breaking down the contribution barriers

How community can make OpenStack Customer Centric

The branding problem is a UX problem


SDN Approaches in Making network Agile and Dynamic for OpenStack Environment

Routing - Past, Present and Future

Bare Metal Network Provisioning for a SDN ready network

Software Defined Networking Performance and Architecture Evaluation

Beyond IaaS: Enabling OpenStack for Process Orchestration of NFV

High availability in Neutron - Getting the L3 agent right

OpenStack Neutron Best Practice for Enterprise Production Environment

Dell Networking with Openstack

Managing OpenStack Networking in Open Compute Deployments

A La Carte Resource Scheduling for the Network Bazaar: A Hadron Technology Demonstration

Network Virtualization in the world of bare metal servers

Group Policies for Neutron and evolving the abstraction model to merge with OpenDaylight

Neutron at Scale

Advanced networking services with Neutron & NSX: Distributed DHCP & VPN

Sorting fact from fiction in planning your OpenStack SDN strategy

Using Network Policies with SDN Controllers

How network service chaining can be achieved using Openstack Neutron & Openflow based traffic steering?

Creating host interfaces into virtual networks using OpenContrail

Putting OpenStack Neutron to the test - SiriusXM Case Study

Application Aware OpenStack Networking with Oracle Solaris EVS

Flexible Networking at Large Scale

Closed loop testing-design-implementation feedback in large neutron deployments

Neutron appetite on a nova-network budget

Recap: Nova-network or Neutron for OpenStack Networking?

Network Policy Abstractions in Neutron

High Availability and Scaling: The future of OpenStack LBaaS

Accelerating OpenStack Neutron VPN-as-a-Service with Intel® AES-NI and Intel® QuickAssist Technology

Open vSwitch and the Intelligent Edge

Service Chaining in the cloud using flow network manipulation in Neutron and ODL

Troubleshooting Neutron Virtual Networks

Implementing Elastic Load Balancing on OpenStack

Seamless Cloud Interconnect beyond DC boundaries over the WAN

OpenStack+Contrail…Simplifying NFV for service provider networks


OpenStack as a Foundation for NFV

Advanced services in Openstack Networking

Policy driven network connectivity

Launch IPv6 VMs On OpenStack

Advanced Network Service Framework: Why, What, Where are we Now?

Predictable and self-healing neural network

Testing for Common Network Scenarios

Real network scenario testing

Network Affinity and Tagging

The Future of Networking in the Cloud

Integrate tenant bare-metal workloads with Openstack

Bridging the divide between virtual & physical networks - NSX Top of Rack as a Service (ToRaaS) for Neutron

Neutron for OpenStack Developers

OVSvApp solution for ESXi VXLAN

OpenStack Opportunities in Carrier Networks

Emerging Network Requirements for OpenStack

Neutron: VLANs vs SDN Overlays vs SDN P+V Designs

Breaking the East-West Barrier: how to combine a flat network, security, manageability, and killer performance in OpenStack

The Future of OpenStack Networking

Increasing Network and Energy Efficiency via Optimized NFV Placement in Openstack Clouds

An overview of Open Source backends for Neutron

OpenStack and OpenDaylight

SDN: A View From the Trenches

Avoid the Neutron Black Hole: OpenStack in a Traditional Network Enterprise

Tying it all together: Network QoS Requirements for Storage and Compute

Orchestrating Inter Datacenter Connectivity

Neutron Roundtable: Overlay or full SDN?

OpenStack Scale-out High Availability: Scaling to 1,000+ servers without Neutron

Running OpenStack over a VXLAN Fabric - Routing and Network Redundancy

Software defined Application deployment using JuJu for OpenStack powered Enterprise cloud

Integrating Multi-Tenant Service VMs with Neutron

SDN Scalable Cloud Networks and Bandwidths

SDN Openstack Integration: Virtual Enterprise and REsidential Gateway Usecases.

High Performance OpenStack Networking with Intel® DPDK vSwitch

Multi-tier application network topology with Neutron

Leveraging OpenStack to Solve Telco needs ( Intro to SDN/NFV )

Brocade Vyatta: Deployment of OpenStack and SDN

Neutron and SDN Based Application Aware Network Service Function Chaining Design

VXLAN Made Practical: VSwitches and Linux Switches

Is OpenStack Neutron ready for production environments?

Operating Neutron at Scale in HP Public Cloud

Testing Distributed Cloud

View of Openstack from the Networks Perspective

Multi-site connectivity and customer on-boarding with OpenStack and NSX

IPv6 in OpenStack

Network and Service Overlays in OpenStack

Experiences with High Availability and Neutron Network Nodes

Inside the Architecture of Neutron

Achieving line rate performance

Alice In Wonderland - Devops and Openstack Networking

Service Provider SDN in the Data Center Infrastructure

OpenContrail: Open source network coding for OpenStack

Using OpenDaylight Within An OpenStack Environment

OpenStack Software Defined Networks

Apps on OpenStack

Introducing the unified python-openstacksdk

Getting Your Feet Wet with the PHP SDK for OpenStack

When Network Meets Apps

Why OpenStack should care about PHP

Integrating 3rd-party CI

Why OpenStack Interoperability is needed for Application Developers

Juju Charm School

Auto-scaling applications on OpenStack using Cloud Foundry as your private PaaS

Migrating Workloads From Amazon Web Services To HP Public Cloud OpenStack Environment

Start focusing on the Developer Experience

Convincing the Data Scientist to Select OpenStack

Deploying OpenShift Origin on OpenStack

Building a modern & scalable web application on OpenStack Swift

Accelerating App Adoption on OpenStack

Recreating a testing environment that enables rapid app development and deployment

Developing for Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR)

Managing Entitlements and Identities in the Elastic Cloud World

Designing Applications on top of OpenStack

Building SDKs For OpenStack

Making Test-Driven Development [Somewhat] Bearable on OpenStack

Cisco's Application Development Transformation Journey on Openstack Retrospective

Building NetApp's test/dev infrastructure on OpenStack

Beyond deployment: moving up the stack to Application Management

Cloud Agents: Service as a Platform

Deep-dive into the Swift API

Workflows from a TOSCA perspective

Agile SDN Development (TDD for SDN) using OpenDaylight, OpenStack, Open vSwitch and Mininet

An Approach to Cloud API Fragmentation - The Jumpgate Project

Develop for all the Clouds!

Reference Implemetation of Virtual Desktop on OpenStack & Things you need consider

Application software configuration using Heat

Deployment Automation on OpenStack with TOSCA, Heat and Cloudify


Automating Service Orchestration with Docker and CoreOS

Database High Availablity with OpenStack

Deploying Database Clusters with Heat on Openstack

Hitchhiker's Guide to DevOps tools on Open Stack

Delivering scalable video applications on Openstack for Service Providers

Work with OpenStack in Any Programming Language

Self-service virtual environments at Deutsche Telekom based on OpenStack

Technical Deep Dive: Big Data computations using Elastic Data Processing in OpenStack Cloud

Stockade - Building security tools backed by OpenStack

Building an Optimized Big Data Infrastructure on Openstack

Optimizing OpenStack for large scale Cloud Foundry deployments

Galaxy Biomedical Research Project on OpenStack


JKLMN: OpenStack Object Storage beyond Juno

Do-it-yourself swift benchmarking made simple

Cloud Storage Performance Enhancements

Case Study: University Alabama-Birmingham

Dogtag and Barbican: Open Source Key Management

Extend Swift by developing your own middlewares

Storage Infrastructure matters for OpenStack!

Enterprise class storage for OpenStack

Grow your block storage with Erasure Code and Ceph

Extending GlusterFS for OpenStack

OpenStack Block Storage: Performance vs. Reliability

Using Openstack Cinder in Large Enterprise Scale

Ceph Secrets: Inktank Best Practices with OpenStack from the field

Beyond iSCSI: Block Storage in OpenStack

Best practices for deploying and using Gluster for Storage in OpenStack environments

Demo Inside: How to Backup OpenStack VMs and Applications using NetApp Snap Creator Framework?

Software defined storage, big data and Ceph - what is all the fuss about?

The Biggest Thing in OpenStack Swift Since it was open-sourced: Storage Policies

Software-Defined Storage for OpenStack with Storage Federation

Best Practices for Ceph Deployment with OpenStack

Manila: The OpenStack File Share Service – Technology Deep Dive

ZFS on Linux + OpenStack: Flash Performance at Spinning Disk Prices

Software defined storage powered by OpenStack and InkTank Ceph

Modular data efficiency for block-based storage in the cloud

Ceph and Swift, so close but yet different.

The Case for Shared Storage

Scale-out and performance storage for OpenStack & Big Data: Performance, Configuration & Best Practices

Data Protection in Openstack: Moving forward

A Technical Tour of OpenStack Swift Object Storage Volume Extensions

Delivering Highly Available Cinder on COTS Storage using the HP StoreVirtual/LeftHand VSA

New Ethernet Drives for OpenStack Object Storage

Block Storage Considerations, Tips and Tricks with OpenStack

State of the state: Icehouse for OpenStack Object Storage

Blocking and Tackling: Best practices using Cinder and Swift together

A globally-distributed storage cloud with disaster recovery

For Performance Lovers: Benchmarking best practices for OpenStack Swift

Use Case: OpenStack + GlusterFS on

Virtual Volumes for Glance and Cinder

Creating Differentiated Storage Offerings using Cinder Volume Types

Configuring Block Storage in Openstack Made Simple

Enhanced LVM and Backup functionalities to bring enterprise experience to Storage

Initial Use Cases for OpenStack & Cinder In Your Enterprise IT Strategy

Laying Cinder Block (Volumes): Use Cases and Reference Architectures

Ask the Experts: Storage Considerations for OpenStack

Lessons Learned: Deploying Ceph With OpenStack

Performance measurements on Swift

Accelerate OpenStack Swift and Ceph performance with flash technology

Sharing GlusterFS Storage Servers with Openstack Compute nodes via Docker

Reliable Benchmarking of a Swift Cluster

Cinder Driver on ISCSI with OnDemand or Pool - On SoftLayer

Scale-out and performance storage for OpenStack & Big Data: Performance, Configuration & Best Practices

Cloud Strategy & Business Value

The Top 10: Five benefits and five challenges of moving your Virtual Desktops into the cloud

Enabling Disaster Recovery As Service (DraaS) on OpenStack

Using Numerical Models of Swift Performance to Build Better and More Cost-Effective Systems

Making the move from IaaS to IaaS+

OpenStack across products and companies

Is it time to update the OpenStack mission statement?

OpenStack­-nomics: ­ Analyzing the TCO of deploying OpenStack based Private Cloud

Achieving Infrastructure Automation through a Software Defined Environment with an Openstack foundation

Towards Sustainable Cloud Computing

Open data with Cloud computing approach: architecture like others ?

Schrodinger's Cat: Evangelizing the possibilities of what's in the OpenStack "box" for your organization.

How do enterprise class software and systems provide value in OpenStack clouds?

Support for White label or virtual cloud business model in Keystone

Making the case for OpenStack in your Organization

How to get from OpenStack to actual business value

Trainer Rating System

Beyond Ceilometer metering and billing, collecting today the data of the future.

Mobility and BYOD in the cloud: Moving beyond IaaS

Value Stream Mapping - Figuring out what should I move to OpenStack

OpenStack, The view from Enterprise IT and CIOs

Preparing to Deploy a Private Cloud

OpenStack Gold Members

OpenStack in the enterprise – who says we are not ready!

OpenStack on Vblock

Why Applying Legacy Approaches to Availability for OpenStack Doesn’t Make Sense (and What to Do About It)

Panel Discussion: Building a business on OpenStack

Best Organizational Practices for Cloud Adoption

OpenStack and Cloud in large enterprises

Are enterprises ready for the OpenStack transformation?

From on-premise to full cloud architectures on OpenStack

EvolutionStack at USDA - Building a Bazaar in the Cathedral

Deploying Cloud-Based Ad Insertion Using OpenStack

Deploying the Openstack Management Layer - the undercloud

Reliably Engineering your OpenStack Cloud

Lessons learned migrating fortune 500 Products to OpenStack

OpenStack: Back to the Future

Deploying a True Cloud-Based Personal Video Recorder (nPVR) Using OpenStack

The Search for Cloud's Elusive 'God' Particle

How Content Centralization eases security risks

Keeping Your Openstack Deployment Lean and Mean

Core via Crowd Sourcing: DefCore’s Tempest in a Docker Container (“tcup”)

From Corporate IT to Internal Service Provider, is OpenStack ready?

OpenStack and High Performance Computing / Technical Computing - Opportunities and Challenges

Clouddiensten in Nederland Deel I

When is this DevOps unicorn going to sprout wings and fly me away to cloud nirvana?

Scaling Out OpenStack Clouds in the Enterprise

The Economics of OpenStack Cloud Implementations

Is OpenStack ready for adoption in the Enterprise?

Free Cloud === Is this for real

Why you should select OpenStack versus proprietary alternatives for your private cloud

Accelerate your OpenStack Cloud with F5 ADCs

Public & hybrid clouds

The Massachusetts Open Cloud (MOC) a new model to operate and innovate in a vendor neutral cloud

Enhancing Openstack for Telco Grade workloads

MPLS WAN access to Cloud Services

Financial Efficiency Management in Hybrid Environments

Two Companies, One Cloud

Automation Connecting Private Clouds with Public Clouds using OpenStack

Telco and Carrier Requirements from OpenStack

Cloud Access : Bridging the Gap between you and the cloud

Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack: Bridging Two Worlds

Hybrid cloud computing with HP CSA and OpenStack

Public Cloud on OpenStack: The Challenge of Knowing What to Push to Production and How to Keep it Running

Filling the Management Gap: Cloud Management Platforms provide missing capabilities for OpenStack and other private and public cloud infrastructure

Solving the Commercial Side of OpenStack

Launching a Cloud Provider with OpenStack

Hybrid Cloud Landmines: Architecting Apps to Avoid Problems

Extending OpenStack to allow Federation between clouds

Location, Location, location: Where you build your Openstack cloud matters

OpenStack and the Google Compute Engine APIs

The Ultimate Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid will help OpenStack win in the Cloud

A Fistful of Clouds

OSS/BSS Functionality for OpenStack Enabling Automated Commercialized Offers

Graffiti - The Cloud Capability Service

Neutron Load Balancer API: Managed Service Requirements and Extensions

Leveraging Enterprise Storage in a Hybrid Cloud Network & Compute Deployment

Unicorns, Happiness, and Hybrid Cloud

Federated Identity & Federated Service Provider Support for OpenStack Clouds

A Real World Outlook on Hybrid Cloud: Why and How

Hands-On Workshops (90 minutes)

OpenStack Networking Hands-on Lab

Docker OpenStack Workshop

Build and Scale a Multi-Node OpenStack Cloud on Bare-Metal

OpenStack from Zero to Nova: An Activity-Driven Workshop

hands on training on configuring cinder to work with gluster

Workshop: Automating Swift deployment with SwiftStack

An AMAZING distributed systems development experience

Accelerate bare metal server deployments for OpenStack with Canonical’s Metal as a Service (MaaS)

hands on training on configuring glance to work with gluster

From zero to PAAS in 90 minutes with Cloud Foundry on OpenStack

Bridge Virtualization and Security with OpenStack and Contrail

Writing Ironic vendor extension

Dependent on What I am Presenting (TBD)

Where have all the cowboys gone?: Utilizing Heat and other tools to build an automated, segregated, self-service lab utility for your sandbox users.

Chef for OpenStack Deployment Workshop

Getting Started with OpenStack

Implemening and Understanding HA for OpenStack using Galera

Automated Deployment of a Highly Available OpenStack Cloud

A Hands on Lab: Deploying your first app to OpenStack

OpenStack Appliance

Containers, PaaS, and OpenStack: Revolutionizing Cloud Application Development

Hands-On Heat Tutorial

Turning up the Heat : Advanced Heat templating including the creation of routers, load balancers and security groups.

Workshop: Deploying OpenStack Swift

Hacking OpenStack for Padawans

Configuring a P+V SDN Network for use with Neutron

Hassle-free networking for Openstack Cloud Operators, Priceless!

Welcome to Manila: The OpenStack File Share Service

Workshop: Preparing and Publishing an Application in the OpenStack Application Catalog

Developing Simple OpenStack Apps in Python

Cloud Portability With OpenStack Toolkits

Bare Metal Hands-on with OpenStack Ironic

Configure mobile management, monitoring and automation for your hybrid setup with

configuring gluster as an object server

Hands-On With Marconi

Multi-Node DevStack w/ Puppet

CI Pipeline Bootcamp

Designate: Interactive Workshop - Install and Operate

Hands-On Workshop: Standing Up a Database as a Service Platform with Trove

Automating Windows workloads with Heat

For Cloud Operators: Hands-on With OpenStack for Elastic Clouds

Up and running in 90 minutes

No Category

Swift - The Defacto Object Storage for OpenStack

Infrastructure and VNF aspects of a carrier grade enabled cloud

Long Term Preservation with OpenStack Swift

General solution of backup/restore and synchronization of data center resources managed by OpenStack.

FUEL for OpenStack

Quo vadis Ceilometer?

Case Study: Best Practices Learned Along A Leading Gaming Company’s Path to Hosted OpenStack Private Cloud

Thinking Beyond Dev/ Test Clouds: running Enterprise applications on OpenStack

OpenStack personal certification program: why and how?

Tailoring Keystone For Paypal's Unique Identity Requirements

Cisco Stack Orchestration System based on OpenStack to build and operate Public and Private Cloud IaaS deployments

Distributed Systems are hard: what wheels are OpenStack re-inventing?

Third Party CI panel

Introducing Solum (Demo!)

SSL everywhere in a highly available OpenStack environment

OpenStack Participation

End-to-End Testing approach for Large scale cloud deployments: Peeling the Onion

SDK Compatibility Testing Ideas

IT as a Service Broker - The next transformation

Implementing RedHat OpenStack and OpenShift with a Cisco Validate Design

Marconi: Please Leave a Message

Panel: Neutron Network Virtualization User Panel

Neutron nitty gritty, or, where have all my packets gone?

Using ceph as backend to Xen and VMWare hypervisors

One Ring to Rule Them All

Using OpenStack to Build a Personalized Cloud-based TV Services Platform

Critical tools and components for OpenStack HA

Application Catalog -- Three Facets of Managing OpenStack Workloads

The life of an OpenStack contributor in animated GIFs

Bare Metal peer-to-peer Provisioning at Scale

Network Performance Tuning with Neutron

Designate: An Overview of DNSaaS for Openstack

Solving Complex Network Problems with Nova Network

Systems Integration: The OpenStack success story

Case Study: Pac-12 Sports – Enterprise Archiving with OpenStack Swift

Charging Systems in the Data Center

What’s All the Noise about a Possible Bylaws Change?

Deploying on OpenStack with Heat

Development and Application of the OpenStack Personas

Bridging the divide: working on OSS projects with worldwide teams

User Experience work within the OpenStack Community

Openstack Managed Services: Adding End-User Value Beyond the API

Improving Database Management with Private Cloud Database Services

Highly Available OpenStack on

How to Reduce patent assertion against Openstack technologies

A multi-Cloud future is OpenStack based

Future proof your Backups for the OpenStack Cloud

Deploy and testing neutron HA

Getting Started with OpenStack Development for Beginners

OpenStack Summit Aurora Light Painting Portraits

Introduction to the Ceph Project for the OpenStack Ecosystem

SDN, Neutron and OpenContrail - Industry examples of how OpenStack Neutron and SDN is enabling new applications

5 Second Fixes: How the New Body Language will have you thinking and acting like an FBI agent & CIA Operative.

Leveraging OpenStack ecosystem to help Intel Validation Cloud transformation


Bare Metal Provisioning with Nova-Razor-Driver Deep Dive

Divide and Conquer: Resource Segregation in the OpenStack Cloud

Windows Baremetal Provisioning in Ironic

Enhancing High Availability in Context of OpenStack

Designing and building an Intelligent Compute Controller

Quintuple­O ­ OpenStack on OpenStack on OpenStack on a Fabric

Python and Performance: What and How

Application Development with an OpenStack Simulator

Using OpenStack standards to manage a multi-cloud environment

O(1) VM Placement and side effects

Continuous Integration testing for your database migrations

High Performance Hyperscale Cloud with HP Moonshot

OpenStack Scalability and Debug Tools

Enabling efficient Data center operations using Cross-Service SolverSchedulers

Enterprise-Grade Scheduling: Enterprise-Grade Openstack from a Scheduler perspective

The possibility to revoke your action

License Cost Aware Virtual Machine Placement in OpenStack

Multi-Tenant Bare Metal Provisioning with Ironic

Rack Aware Networking in NOVA

Bridging The Gap: OpenStack For VMware Administrators

Under the hood with Nova, Libvirt and KVM

Utilization Measurement - The Technical and Business Considerations that impact and OpenStack Deployment

Live Container Migration in OpenStack with CRIU

Can we continue to rely on Chef and Puppet? An open discussion of OpenStack's orchestration future.

OpenStack Python and the Holy Grail: A new proposal for image portability

Hosting hybrid (bare-metal + virtualized) applications on OpenStack

Realtime CLoud, how does the Infrastructure provide realtime properties to VNF tenants and how does VNF applications consume the realtime cloud


Geo Constrained Compute and Storage

Federated Identity in distributed clouds

Orchestrating Reduced Risk with OpenStack

Data Protection within OpenStack

State of OpenStack Security

Securing Big Data in OpenStack

OpenStack/Hyper-V CI Challenges

OpenStack - QA Security Code Analysis

Event Driven Extensions for Keystone

What is the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team ?

Shared Responsibility is Better than No Responsibility

Learning to trust the cloud

The network as the security and policy enforcement point in OpenStack environments

Separating Logical Network Security from physical deployment Using OpenStack

OpenStack Security: Perspective

KeyStone Security and Architecture Review

An Overview of Cloud Auditing Support for OpenStack

Proposal for multitenant RBAC in OpenStack

OpenStack Security Group (OSSG): An Update on Our Progress and Plans

NoSQL with OpenStack

Integrated secure multi-tenancy between Hadoop and Openstack for developing data powered SaaS applications

Rethinking Network Security in the Cloud

PCI Compliance & OpenStack Private Clouds

Dazed and Confused: Data Protection in the Cloud

Attribute Based Access Control for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Security for Private OpenStack Clouds

Securing OpenStack with Intel Trusted Computing

Is Your OpenStack Cloud Compliant?

Elastic Security for an Elastic OpenStack Cloud

OpenStack Security: Crunchy on the outside with a chewy center

OpenStack Enterprise Security

Validating OpenStack Infrastructure: Beyond Trusted Compute Pools

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